About us

It all began with the idea to organise non-profit events
with local artists. The concept behind this is easy. Everybody can participate. Nobody gets paid for their involvement or equipment such as PA, laser show, beamer, nor are there fees for life shows etc.

At these events no money circulates out of principle. Every commitment is absoloutly voluntarily and for the fun of it. Out of this emerged events with children programme, fire show, life-music etc. from professionals and amateurs alike with numerous visitors. At that moment we realised how much interest there is to get involved and how much pleasure it gives to us and others to actually do so.

That encouraged some of us to reinvent ourselves anew and to organise an association. Additional to the already existing “moneyless” events we will commit ourselves in the future to events and projects sponsored or financed with donations only for the expenses, without any profit.

  • Ute
    Organisation talent with a zest for life.
  • Daniela
    The woman where it sparks, expert
    for juggling and fire show.
  • Jana
    With a heart for goats and all nature.

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