In a world that is changing at breakneck speed, becoming ever more complex, ever more difficult to understand, we need to understand and shape profound changes for people and society.

As Schiller so aptly remarked in his aesthetic letters, changing a society is like changing a wheel on a moving cart.
Our conventional ways of thinking are no longer sufficient here, we need a new dimension, art and its principles will guide us.

Art in the social

Art in the social is about transferring the principles of art to the social sphere and everyday life. Like an artist standing in front of a blank canvas and struggling to capture his idea on it, we are challenged in our lives to reinvent ourselves again and again. The moment we commit to a thought, we know we have to be ready to let it go so it can be renewed. That’s how innovation happens, and that’s exactly what we need to survive in an increasingly complex world….

Make your life a work of art!

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