International Summer Camp 2014 – Youth in Action

Projektfabrik gGmbH is implementing an international youth project in Witten together with Avanzarte from Spain and Nyitott Kör Alapítvány from Hungary:

The project is funded by the European Union and takes place within the framework of the Erasmus plus Youth in Action programme. The aim is to work together with 60 young people and 6 artists from three countries for 21 days in an artistic and theatre-pedagogical way.

We want to explore the question:

  • “What does Europe need?”
  • “What image of the future do we have of our common Europe?”

For this purpose, we will take a closer look at fragments from Greek mythology – perhaps the journey of Odysseus has more to do with our present situation than we think?

It is the youth of Europe that we want to inspire now for the future.
We are looking forward to an exciting summer camp!

The aim is to develop a joint theatre production on this theme – from dance and music to make-up and our own texts – which will be premiered on 19 August in Witten.
Each participant can bring his or her individual skills into the production!

Dates and facts

Performing institutions

  • Projektfabrik gGmbH from Witten in Germany
  • Asociación Avanzarte from San Ambrosio, Spain
  • Nyitott Kör Alapítvány from Budapest in Hungary, www.

Project period: 30.07.2014 – 21.08.2014

Place of encounter

The participants will be accommodated in Witten for the duration of the project.

The theatre rehearsals and the daily joint work will take place at Café Leye in Witten.

The Team

The project is accompanied and supervised by a team of artists and educators from Spain, Hungary and Germany.

  • For Germany: Beata Nagy, Rahel Salvodelli, Verena Specht Ronique.
  • For Spain: Ute Pegesa, Marta Herreros -Almandros , Marc Schneider
  • For Hungary: Márta Scherrmann, Zoltán Meszlényi-Bodnár

Two employees of the responsible organisation – PROJEKTFABRIK gGmbH – are responsible for coordination and organisation:

  • Birgit Korte and
  • Jürgen Fritz
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