Fire Juggling

Daniela, the woman where it sparks, occupied herself for years with spinning hoola hoops, sticks, with a focal point on the pois.

Already thousands of years ago the Maoris in New Zealand used the pois in ritual dances, and for hunting. As proved today, they trained through the poi games the coordination of both halves of the brain and with that the reaction, the ambidextrousness and the hand-eye coordination.
Juggling can definetely be described as a form of meditation, because the attention concentrates on a periodical pattern of movement, and with a little practice on learns to trust blindly the law of physics, to control the balls, pois, sticks or whatever else without having to think about it. Through this state of concentration it´s possible to escape the daily thoughts, and find a state of inner peace.
Preferably Daniela plays pois with or without fire, alone, with children or adults, in big and small groups, in fire-shows, choreographics or theatre plays, because it´s fun.
She practices frequently and invites others to join in and interact. She also gives workshops for beginners and advanced students.
If you are interested in practising, exchanging or developing something together, just get in touch with us.

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